Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Reason #2 I've Been a Bad Blogger

2.) Rain, rain, and more stinkin' rain.

We were off to a great start at the end of March! Brian and I were out there working our tushies off every chance we got. Brian even took some time off from work in April so that he could work on the house more. We were feeling pretty proud of ourselves...and then the rain hit. A lot of it. And it stuck around for about a month. Grrrrrrr. And, despite our tarps, our house took a bit of a beating. So, needless to say, morale has been a little low, and there really hasn't been much to blog about. But the sun is out now, and straw is sprouting all over the place, and it looks like we're back in business!

Water damage and sprouting straw.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Reason # 1 I've Been a Bad Blogger

Wow! I really stink at keeping up with this blog thing! Awkward!
But really, this blog is supposed to be about building our house, and as you may have guessed, there wasn't a whole lot of that going on this winter. We thought we could push through, but as it turns out, we're just a couple of namby-pambies. And we had some good excuses! For example.....

1.) That bedroom I mentioned remodeling. Well, that, of course, took way longer than anticipated. (insert sarcastic look of surprise here). But it did turn out lovely, if I do say so myself! And Brian and I did everything ourselves with the exception of the carpet! So here are some befores and afters:



And the best parts are the little reminders of home! My mirror, lamp, curtains, bedding, and shower curtain (and a few of my paintings). Finally, an oasis in the Meme and Papa Desert. (Of course Meme and Papa would say that we've turned the better half of their house into an oasis/dumping ground, but this particular room really feels like ours). Plus, it's a nice little "thank you" to leave for Meme and Papa once we've finally moved out.