Sunday, September 28, 2008

One down, one million to go!

We made it around the house! Woo hoo! We've got about 6 inches of cob all the way around! That's one small step for man, one wait, it's still a small step, but its kind of a big deal! There was a lot of learning to be done in that one trip around the house--for example, determining our best mix, and how to mix it most efficiently, and how to get it up on the wall the right way, and how to make slip, and how best to transport it, and how to divvy up the tasks, and trimming up the maybe it was a little slow, but I really do think the next layers will go much faster. Am I being overly optimistic? Probably. But, hey, when has a little optimism ever hurt? I'm just excited to see wall!!!
So here's what had to happen first:
Had the land surveyed
Attended a cob workshop
Read The Hand-Sculpted House
Decided where to build
Cleared a road by hand
Had a culvert put in
Harvested cedars and stripped them
Designed the house
Cleared out the building site by hand
Dug trenches for the foundation
Dug trenches for electricity and water
Ran electricity and water to the house
Got the water and electricity hooked up
Did a LOT of research
Got limestone
Built a stem wall
Found clay and transported it to the land
Found sand and had it delivered
Found gravel and had it delivered
Found straw and transported it to the land
Moved sand and gravel from here to there
Got an address
Put up a mailbox
Put in a gate
Gathered tools
Set up camp
Built a tarp roof
Made test bricks
Ordered windows
Bought doors
Made window bucks
Made door jams
Mixed cob...and all this while holding down our day jobs!


Kimberley Lynch said...

Fantastic! I love to watch the progress...and the camping, well, that sounds pretty lovely too. I need a little getaway...wish I had 20 acres to feel at home in and excape to....wish Oklahoma wasn't so darn faraway...I miss you.

Hannah said...

I know! Why does OK have to be so far away?! Miss you too--and thanks for always having some words of encouragement--I need them!

Love ya,