Sunday, November 2, 2008

Aerial Shots

How cool is this?!!! Our friend, Jake (who also happens to fly a plane), was doing a little espionage the other day, and decided to fly over our land and take some pictures while he was at it! So, just in case any of you thought we were kidding when we said we were out in the middle of nowhere...

Kinda purty, ain't it?!


W.E. Sanctuary said...

Where are you located in OK- I'm hoping your close enough that I can talk my hubby into coming out to help ( and learn) I wish I would have known about you guys sooner! I've been looking for months to try to find local cobbers. I found you finally through Kindra at clay & straw dot com. We are needing to learn so we can build homes for some women friends of ours on our property. I've done the offer of letting them stay on our land to help them get out of their "situation" but I've nowhere to put Also decided to go ahead and build a few to help other moms too if needed. So I kinda have started a women's sanctuary. We have been gathering donations of recycled building supplies from others to help- just haven't been able to find a cob instructor yet. We are hoping to host our own workshop to next year. Can we come out and help you and learn- especially since you've now learned how to do cobbing the eaisier

Ivy B.

Ivy said...

OOOps- I forgot to give you an email address didn't I - duh Ivy!!!

oh yeah and I just wanted to tell you that I read you blog from start to finish last night- It made me laugh (nooks good) and cry (going to the land) when you gonna write and artistic book...huh? We are kinda mirroring you I guess that's why it hit me so deep- we found 7.5 acres that has a shell of o home on it to start our homesteading dream- to get us out of living in these cave apartments (projects sux) I want to be as self sufficient as possible.(me thinks I drive my hubby nuts with my "need for the woods" He says I'll probably turn into a "wild women" and start swinging from the! Any whoooo my email is ivybickl@yahoo
and if you wanted to check out my pathetic little vision of helping others out with a place to live ( and get me some farm workers in exchange...mmmwwaa hahaahaaa) then our web site is

I hope to be chatting wityalata-Ivy

Avery said...

That looks so pretty Mrs. Hannah! I like it!!!! Hope you like my blog its ( no spaces no capital letters.)