Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's gettin' there!

The walls are getting higher, and it's getting chilly! We were forced to bust out the winter attire (Hence the hat that I made for Brian and then stole. It's times like these--when I look like the Little Dutch Boy--that I miss my long hair. Sigh.). But once we got started, it didn't take long to warm up, and if you wear gloves under the rubber gloves, your fingers stay nice and toasty! So that's good!

Look! I can barely see over the wall from the outside!

And the mud is higher than my left elbow on half the house on the inside

Now I need "scaffolding" to trim!

And look how tall the wall is next to Brian (who is also tall).
Well, I guess that's all for show and tell! I'll try to post more soon!


Aaron said...

Looks Great Hannah!

Keep having fun and it will be done in no time!!!

We love ya!

Aaron & Family

Kimberley Lynch said...

Hey Hannah! Awesome progress...We love watching the action!