Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Reason # 3 I've Been a Bad Blogger

3.) We're having a baby!!!!!!

That's right--my egg-o is preg-o!!!! We can hardly believe it ourselves, and are very excited and happy! These pictures were taken at about 4 weeks, and the ultrasound is of Baby Harrison at about 6 weeks. The baby is about 14 weeks old now (they grow up so fast!), and about the size of a fist, which makes our due date November 29th! Coincidentally, that's also the date our house needs to be finished by! Go figure!
So why does this make me a bad blogger? Well, it's a fun little thing I like to call morning sickness--or in my case, night sickness. Don't really feel much like typing when all you want to do is gag and sleep. But, fortunately for me, that little chapter seems to be coming to a close, which means that I am officially back on the blog-wagon! So there you have it--my final and best excuse for being a bad blogger!


Kimberley Lynch said...

It is the best darn reason ever!

Anonymous said...

Hannah! I saw you on Kim's blog and am saying hello and CONGRATULATIONS to you! That is so, so wonderful and I am really happy to hear the good news :)

Love, Alexis

Heather Ponzer said...

Yeah, I second this being the best darn reason. I was lucky if I made it out of bed each day. *shudder*