Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Pics and What-Not

So here are some some-what current pictures of the cottage! Being pregnant is a pretty good excuse to avoid heavy lifting, over-exertion, precarious balancing acts, rusty nails, over-heating, and ticks [sorry, Tiffany] ...or pretty much everything that goes along with building a cob cottage.
Unfortunately for Brian, this means that he is all on his own out there, and has the monumental task of building a house out of mud by Thanksgiving for his wife and baby. Not so easy. But he's been doing great, and now needs scaffolding in order to make his way around the house!


Renting scaffolding costs a whopping $175 a after doing some math, we realized that we ought to just suck it up and buy our own. We may have found a good deal on line, but scaffolding is wicked expensive! Who knew! I can think of a lot of other things I would rather buy with that money. This is one of those sneaky hidden costs that you don't necessarily think about when you set out to make a mud house. But who knows, maybe we can go into our own scaffold renting business when all is said and done! But I digress...
I think Brian is doing a fantastic job, and I'm really proud of him. Building with cob isn't difficult, but it's a lot of work, and I sure do appreciate him going out there and giving it his all. It's hard not to get discouraged when we think about how much is left to do...but when we step back and realize just how far we've come (with pretty much just two people working on it--and now one) it's actually quite something. And when everything is said and done, we'll be able to tell our baby that Mom and Dad built this house with their own bare hands, and that's something.
Speaking of houses for babies, check out who's moved in!!! Can you see the sweet little baby bird? Our house has become a veritable wild-life refuge! This little guy lives in our bathroom wall, and Mama Bird comes flying out at us whenever we get close...I scream and flail every time, but it's kind of fun.


Kimberley Lynch said...

Oh I love to see the progress...thanks so much for updating!!! Now Cob Brian Cob!!! There's a baby comin' for cryin' out loud!

Leanne Penny said...

yay for progress! I loved the last blog too. I'll try to kick Kel out there to help a couple more times :-)

Heather Ponzer said...

Gabe and I will be there to help out late July! (Maybe Sasa can watch him ;)) I can actually help now. Yay!

Anonymous said...

Oh goodie! That'd be GREAT!!! We need all the help we can get...and I'm not opposed to child labor you know! Can't wait to see you guys!