Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Here is another belly pic for all of you family and friends out there! And for those of you who could care less about my belly...sorry to disappoint, but Brian keeps forgetting to take pictures of the house, so sniffle sniffle, I've got nothing to show! Although, if you asked Brian, he would probably say that the house doesn't look any different than it did in the last pictures. He's been a bit pessimistic lately. I think it's a combination of the nasty heat, exhaustion, back pain, and the feeling that the house couldn't possibly be coming together any slower. As he puts it, he feels like a "hamster on a wheel". It seems like no matter how much he works on it, the walls never seem to get any higher. Of course, he is the only hamster out there. I couldn't imagine mixing cob and climbing up and down scaffolding a hundred times a day in 100+ degree heat all by myself with the additional weight of a wife and baby on my shoulders. But still he keeps doing it. I am so proud of his perseverance. He must really love me to work so hard on our house day in and day out. [ooh, the baby just started playing a game of water polo, so I think it wants me to mention that it is proud too!] Anyway, I guess you could say we're both suffering from a case of what-the-crap-were-we-thinkings, but the vision is just too sweet to pass up. I can picture it so clearly--the three of us living, loving, laughing, creating, putzing, cooking, playing, growing and relaxing together in our little cottage in the woods. No worries about rents or mortgages. The freedom to live a purposeful life. A place that is truly ours in a way that no place has ever been before. It's going to be worth it....Now if we can just get there already (and stay sane until we do)!


Kimberley Lynch said...

Oh Han! I can totally imagine you guys out there! I just wish (selfishly enough) that "out there" was a little closer to "here." Keep your spirits up and the vision alive!

On a side note, why yes your baby was the one I was thinking of!!! ANd I can't WAIT to see you!!!!!!
PS-Could you be a cuter pregnant lady?????

Aaron said...

Hannah you look GREAT! I can’t believe my favorite cousin is having baby!!! Brain and you are amazing people that are going to be amazing parents. The patience and dedication you have shown while building your home will help prepare you both even more for the journey of parenthood! I truly wish I was able to go fling some mud with you. Your doing a more than most could ever get their minds around. I am soooo proud of you!

Aaron & the Family

Leanne Penny said...

GO Harrisons Go! I am so proud of your guys. I really believe that next summer you will be washing blackberries and crocheting ridiculously cute things in the comfort of your lil cottage. I'll try to loan out the Kel more to ensure this.