Sunday, August 24, 2008


Hey! Guess what! We've got an address! We've even got a pretty little mailbox. With the reluctant assistance of the enclosed instructions, Brian was able to assemble it lickity-split. I assisted by watching and taking pictures. Although, later, I was able to put my years of sign making experience to use by skillfully sticking on some numbers. (I'd love to show you, but I don't want Big Foot to know where we live). Later, Brian took the mailbox out to the Hollow and stuck it into the ground on a rather handsome looking log. I have to say, I think it looks quite spiffy! We may not have a house, but, by golly, at least we've got a mailbox!
PS. No, our mailbox doesn't have "naughty bits", and no, despite rumors, that was not our mailbox on Mailboxes Gone Wild IV--our mailbox has never even been to Cancun.


tka821 said...

whatever..your mailbox is slutty...we all know it...just embrace it

Kimberley Lynch said...

Hey Han---sweet mailbox....I love the log post..I actually think your mailbox looks quite prudish--but looks can be deceiving....hee hee. Who knows what happens after a few mojitos! (like how I can jump into an inside joke?)