Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Brains and Braun (or Brian and Bron)

So here is what Brian and Bron did all last Thursday (I think it was)...they moved dirt and gravel from one place to another. Our buddy, Bron, was kind enough to lend us his time and tractor, and moved gravel and sand from the end of our driveway all the way up to our building site. Thanks, Bron!!! He made a big pile of sand, and dumped the gravel right into our foundation. Brian then proceeded to spread the gravel around to make our foundation pretty (well, there's more to it than just looks, but that's what I like best about it). Supposedly there's a tool/machine that can do this (called a "gravel hog" or some such nonsense), but we unfortunately found this out after Brian did the whole thing with a shovel and rake. Poor Brian. Fortunately, we have about another foot-and-a-half of gravel left to go, so there's still plenty of time to become acquainted with Mr. Gravel Pig (or whatever his name is).


hawaiibren said...

looking good! move-inable by winter i hope! i might be able to swing through in october to lend a hand... that's a big maybe but you guys are making some serious progress since last i saw the place!

Kimberley Lynch said...

Hello Old friend...It sure is looking good...I love to check the updates!

Hannah said...


October!!?? That'd be PERFECT! We need your feet (and Iris' too)! Keep me posted! And happy belated B-day! (I left a message on your blog, but let me know if it didn't go through...I might be dumb).