Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Good Foundation

Here are some more pictures of the foundation. I'd like to put them in a slide show for you, but, unfortunately I'm the opposite of computer savvy--I'm yvvas retupmoc, nyuck,nyuck. So you're just gonna have to scroll! Sorry!

^Hey, look! It's almost finished! This picture has people in it (Hi, Jake, Abby, and Tyler!) just to give you a little perspective...in case there were any doubts about how intsy-wintsy this house is going to be.

<--Things were starting to shape up in this picture! Brian has been using his grandfather's old-timey cement mixer for the mortar. This is a picture of the back wall. That little notch is where the back door is going to be.

<--The walls are really thick, so it's economical if you can fill in in between with junky stuff. Some people use ugly rocks. We like to use ugly dogs. [Hi, Iwis!]

<--Job Foreman Tyler is checking out our high-tech home-made leveling device. It's clear plastic tubing filled with water that's been dyed red with
food coloring. Works like a charm!

This is me taking a little snooze in our sleeping nook. It'll be much more comfortable with a mattress in it I think...and walls...and a roof...you know, the little things.

<--Me standing in the bay window/window seat/possible dining nook. We like our nooks. Nooks good.

The foundation is really, truly, almost finished now! Yippee!!! I'll get out to the land soon and take some pictures of Brian's piece de resistance! And more good news...as of yesterday, we've now got clay, sand, straw, and gravel at the job site--so watch out Mud, here we come!


hawaiibren said...

awesome progress! iwis says, "hello!"

bosuck said...

cool layout, but where is the game room and the wet bar and sauna?

Kimberley Lynch said...

You guys are cruisin' now...can't wait for the "cob warming" par-tay!

Anonymous said...

Should I assume that once the house is done, you'll be erecting a Cob Friendly's right next door?

Hannah said...

Yes! Right next to my cob Dunkin' Donuts! Oh, Friendly Frank, how I long for thee!

Hannah said...

Dang-it! I knew I was forgetting something!