Wednesday, July 9, 2008

In the Trenches

<--Clearing off the top soil.

Trench for the electricity/water to the house

<--Rebar around the perimeter.

Tah-dah! Dirt!-->

<--Mr. Trencher himself! about a year ago, we started clearing the site for our foundation. We did this by hand. It sucked. We quickly discovered that about 4 inches down was a layer of solid sandstone. So, after much hemming and hawing, we decided that instead of digging a foundation trench down, we would build up, and then back fill. We also had to dig a trench for our water and electricity...and when I say we, I mean Brian. The trench digger proved to be pretty much useless, so Brian ended up digging most of it by hand with a hammer, chisel, and trowel. To make matters worse, they hooked up the water in the wrong spot, adding about another 50 ft or so of digging. Nice.

To watch a VIDEO of Brian doin' his thang, click here:


Anonymous said...

My love of this Harrison Cob Blog (not to be confused with Bob Loblaw's Law Blog), is tempered only by the fact that I had my heart broken by the last Harrison Blog that faded into obscurity. But with Banana at the helm, it seems things are already cooking quite nicely. Plus, I've achieved my life's goal of seeing Hannah use the phrase, "Rebar around the perimeter." Good show. Good show. I came for the rebar, but I'll stay for the cob. Just let me know when the guest room is ready so we can come out for the Cob Warming party.

Hannah said...

Ummm...I think you mean guest NOOK...

PMM1234 said...

I've never been told in my life that I am a particularly "deep" person, but I am pretty sure that I stumbled on a deep thought!

How "ironical" is it that you the Harrisons are using technology (ie, a blog and youtube videos) to illustrate the creation of something that lacks technology all together (ie, a mud hut with a grass roof)?

Talk amongst yourselves....

Hannah said...

Ya...Brian and I are more like yuppie hippies, or "yippies" as we like to say. That's good stuff, right?!? YIPPIES!!! I'm coining it! You heard it here first, folks! I should have it printed on T-shirts or something!