Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New Bedroom Coming Right Up!

Hey, guess what?? IT'S COLD!!! Me thinks it be too cold ta work...plus I've had a case of the snifflies. So no cobbing for us since before Thanksgiving. Grrrrr. And we've taken to unmolding our moldy bedroom (and when I say "we" I mean Brian). This, of course, has turned into a nightmare (black mold, rotted wood, ungrounded wires, big hole in the floor, etc., etc.). So, like a virus, Brian and I have spread to yet another room in Meme's house (that makes 3 plus a hallway). So one room is completely torn apart, another room is for sleeping/working in, and all of our crap is piled in yet another...oh, and now Papa has to share his bathroom with us. So, instead of working on our house, we will be replacing rotten beams and floor boards, installing a bathroom fan, re-installing the toilet, sink, and shower, re-doing drywall, re-taping and plastering, and repainting EVERYTHING, and putting down new floors...all by Christmas. Riiiiight. Well, that's the plan anyway. And given Brian's frantic and stressed-out state, it just might happen. As for me, I'm trying to stay out of the way, not breathe mold, and illustrate a children's book. This is normal, right? Right?


Kimberley Lynch said...

Oh Han...no fun...I miss you at the holidays so much...you always had such great christmas spirit.

Laura Stroup said...

Just wanted you to know we love you guys and are thinking about you. If ya'll need anything just let us know.
your hopetimistic sister,
laura stroup

Leanne Penny said...

hey hannah, this is the only way I have of
Saying hi during the week. How's the house going? PS I just love my chicken in a tie card. I'm going to turn it into art and everytime I see it it makes me smile and think of your awesome ness.

shayeblog said...

Hi there! I stumbled across your blog and have to say your house concept drawings look ADORABLE! Did you ever finish your home? Love Shaye

Anonymous said...

Hi, Shaye
Unfortunately, we have not finished our house yet! We had a baby, and life took over for a while, but we hope to still finish it one day! I'm glad you like the concept drawings!