Sunday, June 15, 2008

So picture this...

You turn onto a dirt road. There are lazy cows to your left in a field of tall grass, followed by a little house back off the road. On your right are trees, and a small run down barn. You can hear the gravel ping-pinging the underside of your car, and a trail of dust rises up and does circles in your wake. The road bounces you around, the wind lifts up your hair, and your smiling because you're going to The Land. A half-a-mile goes by, and you slow down to go over a bridge. You catch a glimpse of sun shining off the creek, and you know you're there. The brush is thick, but you can see bits of yellow field between the trees and vines, and then...our driveway.

You pull over and get out. There's a barbed wire gate to open. The dust you made catches up with you and then blows on by as you unhook the latch. It's quiet now, except for the birds and bugs. You lay the gate down, and get back into the car. Now you go slow. You creep over the culvert, and in between some roots. There's a winding driveway through the woods ahead. It's shady, and the bumpy ground gently rocks your car like a ship. You curve around a bend, past some ancient oaks, and a wild rabbit disappears into the brush--crackling the dry leaves in his haste. The driveway curves to the right, up over a bend, then to the left through some wispy grass speckled with wild flowers. Then it's down over a little rocky hill and to a circular turn-around cut through the trees. You park the car and get out. You take a deep breath and fill yourself up with the smell of honeysuckle, or grass, or hay. The cicadas greet you with their song. You exhale, and open your eyes and smile, because your at The Land.

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